This Month at Shire Elite – May


Catchup Session – Mini Nobles:
– Sunday 6th
Don’t forget that Mini Nobles have their catch up session this Sunday the 6th of May from 4-6pm at the gym.

Team Bonding Weekends:
– Saturday 26th/ Sunday 27th/ Saturday 2nd/ Sunday 3rd
Team Bonding weekends are coming up this month. Each team will have a time set during one of the above listed days. Keep an eye out on email, social media or ask your team captain or coach for the details of your teams bonding day.

Attendance Reminder and our Brand-New Attendance Challenge:
Now that we are heading into Term 2 and routine choreography is really getting underway, we wanted to quickly remind everyone how important attendance is. Attendance and commitment are the key to our success. We have been lucky to have so many dedicated families with us in the past and we hope that we can keep up the standard of commitment which has brought us so much success over the years. Plus, did you know that we have implemented an attendance challenge this term! If your entire team is at training they will receive a point, if no one is late or leaves early, your team will receive a bonus point. The team with the most points by the end of the term will win a pizza party!

Flyers Handbooks:
Our Shire Elite flyers handbooks are finally available for purchase at reception. These handbooks are full of so much useful information for our flyers to become their very best. If you are planning on purchasing a handbook (which we HIGHLY encourage for anybody currently attending a flex & lines class), we recommend doing so asap, as we start our lines photos for anybody with their handbooks during week 2 flex & lines classes. Only $25!

Tiny Tumbles Program:
Did you know that we are introducing a brand new program called ‘Tiny Tumblers’! This structured, parent assisted class is for preschool children from the ages 2-5.  This class will focus on teaching basic tumbling skills such as jumping, hopping, rolling and cartwheels, and also teaching important social skills such as taking turns, sharing, and following directions. If you, or someone you know is interested, simply fill out this expression of interest form –

2018 Competition Dates:
Please note the below dates for all compulsory (excluding Nationals) competitions in 2018.
1/ Spirit Industries Australia (SIA) – 7/8 July
Teams attending: All Full Competition Cheer & Dance Teams (NOT Semi-Competitive Cheer Teams)
2/ AASCF Cheer Battle – 27/28/29 July
Teams attending: All Full Competition Cheer Teams (NOT Semi-Competitive Cheer Teams, NOT Dance Teams)
3/ CheerCon Dural – 11/12 August
Teams attending: All Teams
4/ AASCF Dance Battle – 18/19 August
Teams attending: All Full Competition Dance Teams (NOT Full Competition Cheer Teams, NOT Semi-Competitive Cheer Teams)
5/ AASCF NSW State Championships – 7/8/9 September
Teams attending: All Full Competition Cheer & Dance Teams (NOT Semi-Competitive Cheer Teams)
6/ Cheerbrandz Nationals – 2/3/4 November
Teams attending: All Teams
7/ AASCF National Championships – 23/24/25 November
Teams attending: All Full Competition Cheer & Dance Teams (NOT Semi-Competitive Cheer Teams)

Reminder to read your Enrolment Pack:
We know life gets really busy but PLEASE put aside 10mins now to read through your enrolment pack. In particular check out page 9 & 10 for your ‘PAYMENTS & FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS’ throughout the year. Also check out page 11 – ‘RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON AHEAD’. This will help you to be as prepared and organised as possible for the year ahead – we don’t like anything to be a surprise for you! Also make sure you complete the forms at the end of the pack and return them to the gym asap. You can also pick up a copy of these forms from the gym if that is more convenient for you.
Competitive Enrolment Pack
Semi-Competitive Enrolment Pack


Have an awesome May!


… The Shire Elite Team