About Shire Elite

Who we are

Shire Elite is the home of cheerleading in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. We pride ourselves on our positive culture and family environment, where every student is given the coaching and support to help them to become the best athlete they can be. Our club has a clear focus on teamwork, getting the most out of training and most importantly our family culture.

We welcome all into our gym, where each and every athlete enjoys the rewards of hard work, progressive learning, success and relationships that last a lifetime. We strive to provide our athletes with a home in our gym, where like-minded students and coaches can encourage and support each other to reach their next level. With a commitment to inspiring our students and enriching their lives, Shire Elite continues to strive for perfection, aiming to offer our athletes and families the very best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Can I just try a class?"

    Yes! Anyone is welcome to come and try a class for free before deciding whether cheerleading is the right sport for you. Please contact us to book in for your free trial class.

  • "Do I have to be flexible?"

    Absolutely not. Being flexible and pulling lines is a great skill, but it is also something that can be taught and improved over time.

  • "Do I train every week?"

    Yes – if you enrol in a competitive team you will be expected to be at every training session throughout the school term. No – if you enrol in our semi-competitive teams and classes which have a lower attendance requirement. We do not train during school holidays (excluding the July school holidays which we do continue training).

  • "How much does it cost?"

    Shire Elite aims to provide different options and price rangers for our athletes and their families. For a full list of the costs associated with each program check out page 9 of our Information Pack.

  • "Am I going to be a flyer?"

    The coach will put you in a flyer position, if you are ready/ there is a spot/it will benefit the team. No one is put on a team to specifically be a flyer. You may begin in one position at the start of the year and change to another position throughout the year.

  • "Do I need a uniform?"

    Competitive and Semi-competitive athletes are required to purchase a competition uniform (second-hand uniforms are sometimes available from past athletes). We do not have a compulsory training uniform, however we do have training gear and other merchandise available to purchase for those who wish to.

  • "Do I need to have experience?"

    No you don’t! At Shire Elite we have teams for beginner’s through to advanced. You will be taught everything you need to know at training.

  • "What level will I be in?"

    That will depend on a number of factors. When we recommend a team for someone the decision is usually based on past cheerleading or gymnastics experience as well as what skills you currently have. Eg: a back handspring is usually required for a level 2 team.

  • "Do I need insurance?"

    Part of the enrolment fee covers your annual registration to the Australian All Star Cheer Federation (AASCF) who provide insurance to all cheer athletes with Shire Elite. We don’t provide Ambulance cover, so that is something we highly recommend athletes get before they begin.

  • "Am I too old to join?"

    No way! We aim to cater for all ages at Shire Elite and have multiple options available for older aged athletes.  There is no better way to keep you fit, active and feeling as young as ever!

  • "When do I compete?"

    Our teams normally compete 5-6 times per year in Sydney from July – November. All Sydney competitions are compulsory. You may have special consideration to miss one with coach’s approval. We also give the option to travel interstate for the National Championships.