What We Offer

Specialty Clinics

At Shire Elite, we offer specialty Cheer and Hip Hop clinics throughout the year to help athletes to advance their skills in specific areas such as tumbling, stunting, flexibility, flyer body positions, cheer dance, hip hop dance and much more!

Some clinics have specific requirements so make sure you check the booking requirements for your chosen clinic in the booking form.

  • January Dance Clinics

    January Dance Clinics
    – Dance technique head start
    – Dance – try it all!
    – Advanced hip hop

    When: Tuesday 8th & 15th
    $10 per session


  • January Cheer Skills Clinics

    January Cheer Skills Clinics
    – Perfect Jumps
    – Rolls, Handstands & Cartwheels
    – Back Walkovers, Front Walkovers & Roundoffs
    – Beginner Back Handsprings (BHS)
    – Perfecting BHS’s & Roundoff BHS’s
    – Bootcamp
    – Punch Fronts & Back Tucks
    – Back Layouts & Standing Tucks
    – Standing tumble – BHS’s to… anything!
    – Advanced tumble (starting with full twists + more)
    – Partner Stunt

    Wednesday 9th & 16th, Thursday 10th & 17th
    $10 per session and only 6 athletes max per session.